About our Aeration systems

Our Oxy-box systems pump high volume air into ponds lakes and lagoons. They are powered from internal batteries and use intelligent charge & control regimes and can harvest energy from the sun or wind. This cost effective system can ensure DO2 levels are maintained and fish are kept at their best and in an unstressed state.  

The Oxybox systems have long life diaphragm pumps, programmable  timer system and  configured via the simple keypad/display. The systems are designed to pump for >8 hour/day on a user programmable cycle. 

Typical usage would be to harvest power during daylight hours and inject air during time periods between 3.00am – 11.00am when DO2 levels are typically at the lowest levels. 


Unattended Operation

Programmed timed aeration 365 days a year

Low Cost of ownership

Save on energy costs, harvest free solar/wind power

Very low maintenance

Expandable aeration

Ideal for stock ponds and small lakes when linked to network of diffusers

Ice reduction

In winter, use to pump oxygen under ice covered ponds and help remove bad gases 

Emergency aeration 

Where no power/generator exists provides a safe haven for fish stocks

UK Manufactured

Designed, manufactured and supported in UK

Other Information

If you can't find what you need or need something a little different, we can provide bespoke systems to suit. 

Note that Pump run rates dependent upon geographical locations/sunlight hours/wind

Actual aeration rates dependent upon depth of diffuser and timer settings

Optimum usage details typical requirements when the Oxybox is set for 8-10 hours on time and 50% duty cycle. 

Note that all Angling Trust members will receive 15% discount of all systems.