Fish feeding systems

About our systems

Feed your Oxygenated fish stocks from a range of our feeders and controllers seen in the gallery below. 

For Hatcheries that require less that 1mm feed size our Rotary feeders can distribute very small pellets down to flour consistently.

By changing the internal feed discs coupled with one of our timer controllers, accurate dosing can be realised.

For growing on our range of vibrating plate feeders provide a wide pellet usage from 1mm to 12mm and above! See our videos of various feed sizes being distributed.

For larger fish, we have an auger type feeder utilising a screw mechanism to deliver food pellets to a spinner plate.  

With proven reliability, the unit has been used on commercial fish farming applications but also suitable for domestic pond applications

We offer a range of feeder sizes compatible with all of our feeding systems. sizes include 5l, 25l and 80l 

All feeders can be adapted for indoor and outdoor use with various mounting methods available.

Many of our best selling feeding systems are often complimented with DO2 controllers.  

Vibration feed (12mm)