The Oxybox 1,2 & 3 can all be controlled with a Dissolved Oxygen controller​

The DO1021 measures dissolved Oxygen levels in ponds and lakes and turn on the Oxybox installed aeration system when it’s actually required thus saving energy. This cost effective system can ensure DO2 levels are maintained and fish are kept at their best and in an unstressed state. 



  • Continuous monitoring of Oxygen levels ​
  • Save energy, only aerate water when required​
  • Circulate water during periods of super saturation​
  • High brightness LED display​
  • Low maintenance Galvanic DO2 probes​
  • Auto Temperature & manual Barometric/Salinity correction​
  • Simple threshold setting of minimum & maximum DO2 levels​

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Find out why monitoring the Dissolved Oxygen content of your water is key to ensure aeration occurs at the right time.